It is important to keep your microwave or other home appliances clean if you want them to produce a better result for you. Do you know why? It is because just like human beings, they also need tender care and attention so that they can operate smoothly.

Also, if you neglect your oven, you will suffer the consequences. For example, an oven that isn’t cleaned after use usually brings out a powerful odor that will be unpleasant to perceive.

This odor may be so strong that some of it will still linger on the body of the oven even after cleaning.

Many factors that can cause this type of lingering odor on your oven are;

  • Burning your food

It may be that while cooking, you mistakenly burn or overcook the food. For example, popcorn. This will surely cause a lingering and unpleasant smell to the microwave.

  • Faulty Electrical parts

Most times when the circuits of your microwave have a problem, it may result in bringing out smoke. This smoke will, in turn, produce a lingering unpleasant odor that stays with the microwave.

  • Not cleaning your microwave properly

If you use dirty rags while cleaning your microwave, what you are doing is increasing the foul odor. This is because; the dirty rag will add its own smell to that of the microwave and worsen the whole thing.

With the above-mentioned problems facing your oven, we have prepared this article to show you how to clean your oven quickly and effectively.

Things needed to clean your oven quickly

  1. Clean cloth material
  2. Clean water
  3. Unscented Soaps
  4. White Vinegar
  5. Cornstarch
  6. Rubber hand gloves
  7. Washing soda
  8. Spray bottle
  9. Silicone or rubber spatula
  10. Lemon juice
  11. Sodium borate
  12. Isopropyl alcohol
  13. Soda bicarbonate
  14. Baking Soda

Steps to follow:

  • The first thing to do is to Clean out the oven racks. You should remove the oven thermometer, pizza stone, oven racks or other accessories in the oven.
  • Prepare the soap paste to use. If you are making use of the baking soda, mix about 3 tablespoons of water to ½ cup of the baking soda. Continue to mix and adjust the preparation until you get what you want for the cleaning.
  • Put on your hand glove for protection, and then proceed with covering the interior of the oven with the prepared soap paste. Make sure to apply the paste more on the more greasy areas so that it will be very effective.
  • When you are through with coating the interior of the oven, allow the oven to stay like that for the entire night or at least for 12 hours.
  • Wet a clean dishcloth and wipe the oven clean of the soda paste which might have dried by then.
  • Use your rubber or silicone spatula to scrape out any hardened part of the places that your hand cannot reach.
  • Then pour a little of the vinegar in your spray bottle and spray it everywhere inside the oven. Spray more of the vinegar on the places that you see the remnants of the baking soda. This will cause the dried baking soda to foam and become easy to remove.
  • You can now wipe the oven down for the last time. With a clean wet cloth, clean out the oven one more time. Wipe thoroughly with water and vinegar until your oven is completely dirt free and shiny.
  • Bring out the oven accessories that you removed and clean them also.
  • Replace the oven accessories in their rightful position and you are through with the job.

If you want to clean your oven with Soda Bicarbonate, the following steps should apply;

  • Get hold of the soda bicarbonate
  • Warm up the oven first of all until it reaches a certain heat level.
  • Mix up water and the soda bicarbonate until it turns into a paste.
  • Use the paste to coat the interior of the oven
  • Spray on a little amount of vinegar
  • Allow it to sit and work for 1 hour
  • Then wet the clean cloth material and use it to wipe the inside of the oven until it is dry.

The above methods are used when you are using safe homemade remedies which will not be harmful to health. If you don’t want to use the home remedies, there are also other methods like using commercially produced materials which are not dangerous to health.

Safest Commercial Products for Cleaning Oven

  • Moistures Absorbent Granules:

Granules that can absorb moisture very quickly. This commercial product is specially produced so that it can remove too much moisture from your oven. It can also remove the unpleasant odor that resides inside your oven. All you have to do is to get the affordably made mixture, place it in the sun to dry out the moisture, rub the affected area of the oven with the dried granule and wipe it clean.

  • Moistures Absorbent Powder:

This is another of the commercially made products which you can use to safely clean your oven. It works very fast when you make use of it also covers the oven with a sweet smelling aroma. What you need to do is to spray the powder inside the oven. Make sure that you spray those smokes covered or burnt areas very well. Clean the oven immediately you are through with spraying the powder. You will be surprised to see a completely clean oven with a sweet fragrance.

  • Smell Absorbing Balls:

Pouches that absorb smells. This product is built in-form of a ball which totally removes the bad odor caused by burnt oven or smoke. You can place the ball-like remedy inside your oven and watch as it totally covers the bad smell from your oven with a sweet smell. You can even use this ball again by keeping it under the sun or heating it with your microwave for 4 minutes. It is safe to use, affordable, high-quality and harmless to your health.

The above-stated methods are how to clean an oven quickly. These methods have been tested and approved as the perfect and safest way to clean your oven.

If you are still not satisfied after going through this write-up, you can check out this videos of Bethany Fontaine for more information. Goodluck!