Convection ovens are a great improvement over traditional ovens. With them, you get evenly cooked and at the same time juicy food. Was that intriguing enough for you? If so, let us present you with a convection oven from Hamilton Beach, which is a great choice for those who have just started to look into convection ovens. Besides, this model is great for those who don’t need too much functionality!

Now, we are going to introduce you to what makes this model such a great choice! Let’s get started with our Hamilton Beach 31126 review!

Though We talked about Hamilton Beach 31126 in our 10 Best Convection Ovens But Now time to get into the details. Let’s start!

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Features of  Hamilton Beach 31126!


Hamilton Beach’s convection oven has everything necessary for your most basic cooking needs. And it will do what it is designed for perfectly. Do you know how?

The convection fans inside the oven make sure the hot air circulates in the oven, which, in its turn, ensures that your food is surrounded by hot air evenly.

That’s why you won’t get raw or overcooked spots with a convection oven! This means more efficiency and cooking time reduced by up to 30%, which won’t let the juiciness escape your food before cooking is over. Quicker yet more delicious results!

This convection oven has three cooking modes – bake, broil, and toast. Nothing excessive for your most basic cooking needs! Besides, this model features a wide range of settings of temperature between 150F and 450F. Plus, you can set your cooking time with the 30-minute timer and all these are done with a simple turn of a dial!

With its nice capacity, Hamilton Beach’s convection oven can bake a 12” pizza or make up to 6 slices of toast. That’s is exactly as much as some of the high-end models!

To see the extraordinary performance of Hamilton Beach 31126 oven in action, we offer you to watch this video!


While this convection oven isn’t a high-end model, it features the same level of convenience and even more than most of the convection ovens out there!

Every single adjustment of this convection oven is done via the convenient dials with clear markings. Although this model doesn’t have an inbuilt display, you will be able to check your settings at any time!

This convection oven is particularly notable for its compactness. It is not only fairly small but its door is not like the ones you see on the majority of models as well! The roll-top door doesn’t require too much kitchen area to be opened.

You only need to make sure there is enough space above the oven!

Speaking of the door, it has a large window to allow you to conveniently keep an eye on the cooking process. Unfortunately, this convection oven doesn’t have an interior light, so the visibility of the interior may be limited.

The countertop design paired with the roll-up door makes this convection oven ideal for small kitchens. You only need to have enough area to put it in your kitchen!

Easiness of Maintenance

Hamilton Beach’s convection oven is fairly easy to take care of. You can pull the crumb tray out to have an easier access to the interior of the oven.

Besides, the removable roll-top door will allow you to clean it more thoroughly. You can wash the removable parts with soapy water!

A bad thing about his convection oven is that its insides are not non-stick, which can make the cleaning of the interior walls more difficult.


This countertop oven doesn’t look like your regular box-shaped oven! If you are sick of the regular-shaped kitchen equipment, you should definitely take a look at this model! While it may not be as flexible to suit anywhere, it surely will add more uniqueness to your kitchen.


This convection oven has all that’s necessary for those who don’t need too many features. But just like other convection ovens, it will cook food faster than regular ovens! Your dishes will always have juice left in them, which will attach more flavor to them.

So if you are looking for a simple convection oven, Hamilton Beach’s model will be a great pick!

What I Liked:

  • The convection fan reduces cooking time by up to 30%!
  • Quicker yet more juicy results.
  • Three cooking modes for the most basic needs.
  • The huge interior fits up to 6 slices of toast or a 12” pizza.
  • Convenient dials with markings to easily choose your settings.
  • The roll-top door makes this oven a great choice for small kitchens.
  • Large window to keep an eye on the food.
  • Compact countertop design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Unique appearance.
  • Comes with a baking pan.
  • 1-year limited warranty.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Supports 120V only.
  • The interior is not non-stick.
  • No inside lights.
  • Only three cooking modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I really think about getting a convection oven?

Let us demonstrate the benefits of convection ovens again. In short, they have convection fans to ensure even circulation of air inside.

It will provide you with shorter cooking time, evenly cooked food, and your food won’t dry out. If these are really the things you wish to have with your oven, getting a convection oven is a good choice. But even if you don’t need such an oven, why not get one anyway? They are generally priced the same as regular ovens of the same size and form factor.

They measure the same. They are pretty much identical, besides the convection fan, obviously. So if there are no really serious factors against it, why not buy a convection oven?

Is this a model I will be satisfied with?

Will the 3 preset cooking modes be enough for you? If yes, this model is a good choice.

Do you need non-stick interior coating? If no, this convection oven will satisfy you.

Simply put, if you find that each of this oven’s features will be enough for your cooking needs, it will probably be enough for you.

Wrapping it up

Thus, we are now done with our Hamilton Beach 31126 review. As you could have seen, it is a great low- to mid-end convection oven. But don’t think that being affordable is equal to poor quality.

The most obvious difference between cheaper and more expensive models is their functionality.

If you don’t need dozens of cooking modes, this convection oven will be a perfect choice for you! It is convenient, compact, and has all basic functions.

Its design will distinguish it from regular box-shape ovens and greatly complement your kitchen. If this all seems like a great thing for you, maybe you should buy this model!

But the final choice is up to you. We wish you to find the best convection oven for your requirements. Good luck!