People are drinking coffee every day, but do you actually know how it’s been made and what the effort is needed so you can have a cup of coffee every day?

There are over 10 steps in the process of producing coffee, from planting and harvesting the cherries to drying the beans and testing them so they are ready for the final grinding.

So you can imagine the long way coffee has until it reaches your cup. But do you appreciate the coffee or you simply drink it for the sake of drinking?

In my opinion and experience, every true coffee lover should have a coffee maker at home, and that’s why in this post I will make a Keurig K55 review.

keurig k55 review


Who Should Get This?

As I have mentioned before, it’s for everyone who’s an actual coffee lover and appreciates the coffee. If you’re not – you can definitely become a coffee lover.

Keurig K55 might even make you become a coffee lover if you have never really cared about the actual coffee. Everyone who wants a quality coffee at home, a single-serve coffee maker is for them.

No matter if you live alone, or with your family, you can always make as many as you want.

It’s not hard to learn how to operate the coffee machine and get the same quality coffee you would get at any coffee shop outside.

Features of the Keurig K55

Features of Keurig K55 are on point. They’ll make your coffee making process in the mornings way more easier than ever before.

You will be able to brew multiple sizes, depending on how much coffee do you want, which kind of cup do you use and how strong you want your coffee to be. Brew sizes are 6, 8, and 10, and I would recommend you to use the smallest brew size 6 if you want your coffee to be strong.

Water won’t be your problem. Keurig K55 has big water reservoir which will allow you to make up to 6 or more cups before you have to refill it. It mostly depends on the brewing size you choose.

Descaling option will help you and teach you through video lesson to clean your coffee machine from calcium deposits which build up inside machine after some time.

It’s a really great feature as they’ve thought about everything when they were making a video with step-by-step lessons to make the process easier for the customers.

To save your electricity, Keurig K55 has been programmed to turn off itself after 2 hours of being idle. Because nobody drinks coffee all the time, this feature is really useful.

Want to Know more Details well, Let’s Check a Video of Keurig K55 review from QVCtv and know Why they are So Excited about this Coffeemaker. It’s Makes Your Purchases easier!


Biggest Advantages

There are many advantages of Keurig K55, however, some of them are better than the other ones.

One of the biggest advantages would be the brewing process, where you could choose brew size dependingly on your coffee cup.

Also, no one likes coffee the same way as others, so brewing size also helps to decide how strong you want your coffee to be.

The cleaning video instruction is really helpful to help you maintain and keep the coffee machine working for a very long time.

Also, a great advantage would be a simplified process of installing the coffee machine in your house and learning how to operate it in just a few minutes of following the instructions.

Because nobody likes to complicate things, why should your coffee maker then, right?

Some Minor Cons

Some of the minor cons that people have complained about would be mostly the handle which is made out of plastic in the K55 model rather than the metal handle made in the K50 model.

Plastic might be a better option, however, people might have been used to the K50 model’s metal handle and they would love to stick with it again.

Other than that, there aren’t any real problems with the Keurig K55 coffee machine. And once you look all the advantages and features, this one con isn’t really something you should be bothered with.

Long-Term Test Notes

This machine is proven to be working for years once purchased.

With the proper cleaning as instructed in the manual, and in the video lessons Keurig K55 will last at least for 4 to 5 years. Some people have used Keurig coffee machines for 8 to 10 years with no problems.

You can see the quality of the Keurig K55 by the reviews it has received from the users which have used it for some time after the purchase.

I have seen people buy it for work and even as a gift for friends and family since they have experienced the quality coffee maker themselves first.

Care and Use

Descaling is the process of an important cleaning you should do in order to keep the machine working perfectly for a way longer period of time.

Over some time, calcium deposits build up inside the machine. It’s normal and it happens even with simple kettle electric bottles.

However, thanks to the Keurig descaling video lessons, you can learn how to clean your coffee machine with a simple step-by-step process.

Also, keep in mind that the waters filters are reusable, however, I would recommend you change it after using it for a while. That’s why you get two water filters in the package. It helps your beverages taste their best.

Other than that, there isn’t anything else you should pay attention to. It’s pretty simple and the cleaning process is easy.

Wrapping It Up

Keurig K55 is a really simple coffee machine which will make your coffee taste like you’ve purchased it in your local coffee shop.

It’s really easy to make coffee, even if you want one cup, I would highly recommend you single-serve coffee maker such as Keurig K55.

That’s what makes this coffee machine perfect for home or even office use. Also, it can be a great, yet inexpensive gift for your family or friends.

There are many advantages, and you will definitely see them after using this machine for a while.

What is your opinion on coffee machines? Have you ever used one before?

Let me know your experience by simply leaving a comment down below!